Texas Young Farmers
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Board of Directors


LA Muehr      (Schulenburg Chapter - Area XI)  




President Elect

Sherry Free (Deer Park -- Area III)

 Past President

 Makayla Cruz-Donaldson    (Bryan Chapter - Area XII) 


Executive Secretary  Sandra Choate   


Executive Administrator   Ray Pieniazek

VP Area I    Barry Choate  (Cross Roads Chapter - Area VIII)

VP Area II  Kelly Bonds (Hamlin Chapter -- Area II)  

VP Area III    Kirk Edney    (Member at Large -- Area XII)

VP Area IV      Charles Rochester    (Gonzales - Area XI)

VP Area V   Ethel Rochester   (Gonzales - Area XI) and Jennifer Smith (Rockwall -- Area V)

VP Area VI   Stephanie Wood    (Teague - Area VIII)

VP Area VII   Tommy Ketchum    (San Saba Chapter Chapter - Area VII)

 VP Area VIII    Kenny Bulger  (Fairfield Chapter - Area VIII)

VP Area X Dillon Donaldson  (Bryan Chapter - Area XII)

 VP Area XI    Charlie Rochester     (Gonzales Chapter - Area XI)

VP Area XII   C. J. Johnson     (Bryan Chapter - Area XII)

  Advisor   Terry Hausenfluck "Mr. H."  (Bryan Chapter - Area XII)





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