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Current Dues Packet

UPDATE**At the 2022 Convention the membership adopted amendments to the constitution which included a change in the State Association's fiscal year.  Beginning January 1 we will be working on a January - December fiscal year so the dues you are paying now are for 2023 membership, Jan - Dec. 

Below you will find the current Texas Young Farmers Dues Packet. The chapter must complete and submit the program of work and roster information in its entirety.  It is very important that all information, especially addresses and email addresses, be complete, legible and accurate. 

Utilizing the Excel Spreadsheet and emailing the completed worksheet is greatly appreciated. 

 NOTE:  There are multiple Sheets of the Excel Spreadsheet.  Look at the tabs on the bottom of the page to show each sheet, which are appropriately named.

The following items must be completed and returned to the Texas Young Farmers’ state office for the chapter to be in good standing and eligible to participate in the state convention , scholarships and compete for awards. 

                 A.  State Membership Roster         

                 B.  State Program of Work  

                 C.  State Dues            

                 D.  State Newsletter List and Subscription Fees

Please note that national dues are an additional charge and are optional. For each person wishing to join the National Young Farmers Education Association (NYFEA) the chapter will need to send the additional dues and complete the enclosed supplementary form for NYFEA membership and benefits.  The NYFEA offers a number of benefit options through its membership; however, the state office will only accept National Annual Membership Dues, $15, and/or National Lifetime Membership Dues, $300.  All other NYFEA benefit options must be arranged directly with the NYFEA office at (334) 213-3276.  Their web address is http://www.nyfea.org/. The deadline for dues, rosters, and programs of work is November 1.  You can download the 2023 dues packet below. Your timely response is greatly appreciated!



First Choice 2023 Dues Packet Sandra Choate 8/31/2022 34 KB
Second Choice 2023 Dues Packet Sandra Choate 8/31/2022 45 KB



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