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Awards and Scholarships

The State Young Farmers executive board provides several scholarship opportunities for members of the Texas FFA Association. Thanks to the generosity of auction buyers at the State Young Farmers’ convention, the board offers five (5) $1000 and one (1) $2000 scholarships. The one $2000 scholarship is available to a student applying through the State FFA Scholarship application process. The other five $1000 scholarships are available to FFA members who attend a high school that also has a state-affiliated Young Farmer chapter. Use the resume’ format detailed below for submitting an application for these three scholarships. Other pertinent information includes:

1. Applicants must be a Texas resident and attend an accredited Texas university, college, or technical/trade school.

2. Applicants must be a member in good standing with the Texas FFA Association and eligible to compete for a Texas FFA Scholarship (see the Texas FFA Scholarship application for eligibility criteria).

3. A degree/certificate/licensure in the field of agriculture or life sciences will be given preference when qualifications are otherwise nearly equal.

4. Funds will be paid in one (1) lump sum directly to the appropriate university, college, or technical/trade school after the recipient has furnished proof of registration.  

5. Applications must be submitted in resume’ format not narrative format. The use of the Texas FFA Scholarship application is not permissible. 

6. Applications must be submitted on regular bond paper and typed or computer-generated. Do not use school or FFA chapter letterhead.

7. Applications are limited to a maximum of three (3) pages in length.

8. The chapter advisor must include a statement (not a reference letter) on a separate sheet of paper (school letterhead or FFA chapter letterhead) verifying applicant’s eligibility for application.

9. Do not include letters of application and/or reference letters. 

10. A copy of the official transcript must accompany the application.

11.  Applications must be postmarked on or before April 1 to be eligible for consideration. All applicants will be notified of the results during the week of April 20. Send Applications to: Don Beene, Attn: Texas Young Farmers Scholarship, 1694 LCR 256, Mexia, TX 76667 (NOTE: new mailing address)


A. General Information
1. Full Name
2. Address, City, Zip Code
3. Valid email address for contact
4. Name(s) of Parent or Guardian
5. FFA Chapter and FFA Advisor(s)
6. Young Farmer Chapter

B. Academic Achievement
1. Name of High School
2. Class Rank (after first three and one-halfyears) and Number in Graduating Class
3. Un-weighted Numerical Grade Average on a 100-point scale (first three and one-half years)
4. SAT or ACT Score and Test Date
5. Agricultural Science Courses Completed and Grades for each
6. University, college, or technical/trade school planning to attend and major pursued
7. Planned Career

C. Young Farmer Activities and Participation
1. Describe your involvement with your local Young Farmer Chapter and how it has impacted your education in agriculture.
2. How has your family’s participation in Young Farmer activities affected your agricultural experiences?

D. FFA Accomplishments and Activities
1. FFA Offices Held and Committee Assignments
2. Individual FFA Honors Won, Outstanding Achievements, Special Recognitions, etc. (list and briefly describe, if necessary, the top fifteen)
3. FFA Team Participation, Level of Participation, and Placing

E. Supervised Agricultural Experience Program (SAEP)
1. Brief Description of SAEP (maximum length: one-third page)
2. Size and Scope of SAEP
3. Net SAEP Income on an Annual Basis (first three and one-half years)

F. Financial Need
1. Assets Available for Use
2. Liabilities
3. Other Scholarship(s) Received
4. Description of Need for Financial Assistance (maximum length: one-half page)




TYF Scholarhsip Application (Updated 2-2014) Debi Peyton 2/2/2014 18 KB



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