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TXYF Awards

Congratulations to our 2022 Award Winners


Young Farmer Member of the Year Award

Kimberlee Brown of Gonzales 

 Family of the Year Award

Charlie, Amanda and Kinsley Rochester of Gonzales

The Sundowner Award

Robert Bland, Gonzales Young Farmers

Check out the application to know how to apply in 2023!

Apply for Awards HERE

The link will take you to a Google Form where you will complete your award application. Forms must be filled out completely and submitted by November 30th, 2022. More information below:

*  Awards available are: 

  • Outstanding Chapter Award
  • Outstanding Member Award
  • Star Young Farmer/Agribusiness Award                                                                                                                                                                
  •  Sundowner Award                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Young Farmer Newcomer Award                                                                                                                                                                             
  •  Young Farmer Family of the Year 




General Rules

  1. The Chapter submitting the application will explain to the committee why there member/chapter should receive this award. 
  2. Emphasis should be placed on activities of the immediate past membership year but may include additional information. 
  3. Each chapter may submit one application to the state for consideration. A committee will select the State winner. 
  4. The State office must receive the application by the deadline date: November 30, 2022
  5. The chapter of the applicant must have submitted its dues, roster, and program of work on the appropriate forms to the state office on or before November 1. 
  6. Applications not conforming to the rules will be rejected.
*IMPORTANT NOTE* Members must be present in person at the 2023 Awards Banquet on January 14, 2023 to receive monetary award. Awards will be presented during the dinner beginning at 6:00p.m. in Huntsville, TX.

For questions- contact Sandra Choate at txyfaes@gmail.com 


The applicant must have been a member for at least two years and currently be a paid, active member of a chapter in good standing with the Area and State associations.

State winners are eligible to reapply after 5 years. 

A member applying for this award is not eligible to apply for any of the following individual recognition awards in the same year.  Sundowner, Family of the Year or Star Young Farmer.


  1. Sundowner- The applicant must receive less than 50% of his/her annual NET income from agriculture.This award is designed for an individual who derives their major portion of income from non-agricultural sources, but has an additionally source of income from an agricultural source.Ideally, he/she should work at one occupation most of the time and conduct the agricultural activities “after 5:00 pm” and on weekends. 
  2. Star Young Farmer/Agribusiness- The applicant must receive more than 50% of his/her annual NET income from agricultural related career. 
  3. Outstanding Member- The purpose of the Outstanding Member Award is to honor those Young Farmer members who exemplify and promote the ideals of the State Association of Young Farmers of Texas and the agriculture industry. 
  4. Family of the Year- The purpose of the Young Farmer Family of the Year Award is to honor family units who are involved in their community and exemplify the traditional values of family life.In addition, the Young Farmer family promotes the ideals of the State Association of Young Farmers of Texas and the agriculture industry.Does not have to be Husband/Wife, Could be Brothers, Sisters, Dad/Son, Etc. 
  5. Young Farmer Newcomer- The purpose of the Newcomer Award is to recognize first or second year members of the Young Farmers who have shown participation in the Texas Young Farmers at the state level as well as with their local chapter. 
  6. Outstanding Chapter- Report of the chapter’s accomplishments shall cover the period of September 1 to August 31 of the previous membership year.
  • a.  Educational- any activity that will provide information or training to benefit the membership and/or agricultural students.  Ex:  Student of the Month, Sponsor student to attend camps or conferences, children’s barnyard, monthly educational meetings, adult short courses. Highest emphasis. 
  • b.  Community Service-  activities sponsored or con-sponsored by the chapter that provides service to the community.  The chapter must be recognized as a sponsor.  Ex:  Community-wide promotional activities, beautification projects, fund raising for charities.  Second highest emphasis.
  • c.  Leadership-  activities with the purpose of developing and/or improving the leadership ability of members.  Individual participation in non-Young Farmer activities shall not be reported UNLESS the individual is the designated representative of the Young Farmer chapter.  Ex:  Participation in conferences, conventions, and contest.  Third highest emphasis.
  • d.  Recreational- activities sponsored for the entertainment of the members.  Fourth highest emphasis.


TXYFA State Awards Handbook 2022 Sandra Choate 10/27/2022 105 KB



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