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Texas Young Farmers Convention Contests

TYF members from across the state of Texas are encouraged to participate in the contests.  The purpose of these contests is to provide educational experiences that inspire participation of members in a rewarding, fun-filled competition.

Photography Contest:  

You will be allowed one (1) 8x10 matted picture per category, per paid member is allowed.  Each picture should be classified by the member submitting the picture.  
All pictures must be from TEXAS
The categories are:
(1) Agriculture at Work - People involved in agricultural tasks
(2) Agricultural Leisure - People involved in recreational time activities
(3) Agriculture Animals - Domesticated animals, no people
(4) Agriculture Equipment - Ag Equipment, no people
(5) Agriculture Landscape - Landscape with no people, animals or equipment
(6) Agriculture Wildlife - Non-domesticated wildlife
(7) Agriculture Future - Young People involved in Ag activity, ages 12 and below

If the judge determines the picture is not in the correct category, it will not be judged.  All Photos become the property of the State Association.

Convention Quiz:

The Quiz competition is made up of questions derived from the convention tours and programs; as well sa Texas Young Farmer knowledge.  Participants earn points towards the Chapter Sweepstakes Award.

Agriculture Expressions Contest:
This contest requires the contstant to wrote a 500 word essay about a topic of thier choosing from one of these 2020 Covention topics listed below:
          (1) Increasing Food Production While Minimizing the Environmental Footprint
          (2) New Government Mandates and Regulations and their Effect on Agriculture
          (3) Availability and Price of Land for Agricultural Expansion
          (4) Stability, Development and Fluctuations in in Global Financial Markets
          (5) Development and Use of Bio-based Fuels
          (6) Agricultural Water Quality Management for the Future
          (7) International Trade Expansion and its Effect on Agriculture
          (8) Biotechnology & Labeling in Food Production
          (9) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Involvement in Agriculture
        (10) Food Safety Issues in Current Food Production Methods


Basket Contest: More than just a contest! All proceeds from the sale of the baskets goes to the SCHOLARHIP FUND!!!!

The basket contest is open to all CHAPTERS and this year the basket will be a "Bushel Basket" and all contents must be contained in the container and the contents from the bottom to the highest point cannot be over 24 inches in height.  You may decorate or paint the outside however you like.  Reminder - all proceeds from the sale of the Baskets go towards the Scholarship Fund.

Baskets Examples:

Spokesperson for Agriculture:

 Advocates for Agriculture are crucial to our existance.  What a better way to prepare than to compete with your fellow Young Farmers.  Participants should prepare a speech for a length of not less than five minutes and not longer than 8 minutes and will be asked questions at the end of the speech.  Topics for speeches this year are (1) Agribusiness; (2) Plant Science; (3) Animal Science; and (4) Agricultural Mechanics.


Electronic Scrapbook:


Sweepstakes Award:

This is a traveling trophy which goes to the chapter with the most participation through-out the convention.  The above mentioned contests along with Ag Olympics are used to calculate the winner.  Chapters receive a participation point for members who participate in the events and winners receive bonus points.  Every chapter that participates in any of the events receives at least one point.  Bonus points are calculated as follows:  5 points for First Place, 3 points for Second Place, and 1 point for Third Place. 


State Convention Contest Rules, Categories and Criteria Sandra Choate 10/21/2019 162 KB
Photo Contest Submission Form Makayla Cruz 12/9/2020 135 KB
Photo Contest 2021 Flyer Makayla Cruz 12/9/2020 760 KB



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